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The annual You've Been Served initiative allows Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors and clubs across Zones 33/34 to demonstrate Rotary's motto of "Service Above Self" by challenging them all to perform acts of kindness and good deeds in their local communities between Feb 23 and April 23. Clubs should work in conjunction with their respective Zone Public Image Team to promote this initiative and its activities dedicated to service across all communities in our Zones. We are proud to say that this initiative is now an annual event in Zones 33/34 and we hope that it may one day broaden globally with clubs all across the world participating.

Special Thanks to the You've Been Served Committee: Clenise Platt (Chair), Marshall Butler, Jeff Cochran, Chip Humphrey, Steve Jenkins, Sean Paddy, Camile Peter, Aaron Sines, Robbie Urbine

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Shortly after I joined Rotary, I was invited to participate in their “pay it forward” event. The result left me with profound feelings of hope and goodwill for humanity. I had no idea the joy I would feel, and how the generosity from a Rotarian might change a part of someone’s life. I shared our pay it forward initiative with each recipient and shared that it is something any one can do. And if they ever had the opportunity to help somebody in need, they too would be blessed in more ways than they can imagine.                                 

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Our club organized a “pay it forward” campaign in order to make an impact before the holidays. I took on the role of taking our funds into the stores to purchase gift cards and prepare our members for our “day of giving”. After taking time to reflect on the day I’m unable to accomplish that task. There is only one way to recap the “pay it forward” experience. It hits you like a sack of potatoes in the gut. The “hit home” feeling of being able to pay it forward and provide assistance to people in my hometown only reiterated why I am a Rotarian.                                     


The D7600 You've Been Served (YBS) Event became a family affair as my parents joined in the fun too. As a way to show appreciation for the bus drivers who had to keep working even though we were in the middle of a pandemic, we gave away gift cards for coffee for them to use on their routes. My mom left a gift card for groceries for one of her neighbors who was experiencing financial challenges. She told my mom, "you just don't know how much I needed that." Although we were the ones serving others, we were the ones who were left inspired and uplifted.

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